www.stamporama.gr website is an online shopping store selling products and services over the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the ‘online shop’ or ‘website’) created and operated by Stamporama | Koutsouridis Leonidas, located at 167 Karaoli & Dimitriou str. Evosmos PC 56224, Thessaloniki.

Any user who visits or interacts with the site is deemed to agree and accept the following terms and conditions without exception.

General terms

Spoken languages

The terms of use of the website are written in Greek and English.

Modification procedure

The Company reserves the right to revise or modify the terms and conditions as it deems necessary, with the obligation to inform consumers of such changes through its website, in particular in the “Terms of Use” section at the bottom.

It is clarified that the change of conditions does not apply to orders that have already been placed before the relevant change.


The Company is committed to the information that accompanies any product that is marketed through the Website, without prejudice to any spelling mistakes.

The company guarantees the timely delivery of products with the indication “available” in the manner and time described in the relevant sections.

User Responsibility
The User / Client is solely responsible for all information that he / she submits to the Website.

Corporate identity

Stamporama’s names, images, logos and all distinctive features are its sole proprietorship and prohibit any copying, transferring, uploading or transmitting for commercial purposes of other companies.

Use of Cookies

The site of the store https://stamporama.gr uses cookies because without them it would be impossible to operate some of its essential services. Order status, multiple user choices, storing items in the cart or list, identifying and facilitating frequent users, and improving web site content. Cookies do not harm users’ computers or the files stored on them.

General Conditions for Shipment of Products and Services

The Company reserves the right to modify the modes, terms and prices of the shipment at will and without prior notice required to notify its prospective customers of such changes by reviewing these online store terms of service.

In case of return of the product the business details are:


Koutsouridis Leonidas

Karaoli & Dimitriou 167
Evosmos tk. Thessaloniki
2310.656762 – 6955260915

Personal data information

At stamporama we take the privacy of our customers very seriously.

The company that manages the e-shop stamporama .gr, in the context of the current legislation on the protection of personal data, informs in its capacity as a controller that it or the third party on its own behalf and on its behalf (couriers in case of order shipment , computer security technicians) will store and process your personal information above for the purpose described next to each of these items. Your data will be kept in the records of the company, which has complied with the security requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The business will keep your data in its records as long as your subscription is active and used. Two years after its last use, your data will be deleted and your membership card will be removed.

By registering with our online store, you complete some details. For these items you can at any time have:

Right to information.

For any clarification regarding the respect of your personal data you can request any information by sending a request to and we will respond promptly (within 10 days) to your request.

Right of correction – restriction.

You have the ability to correct-fill in inaccurate or incomplete information by logging into your account or limiting the data you consent to having.

Right to object.

You may object at any time to the processing of your personal data if you do not wish to fulfill the purpose for which it is held. You may object if you no longer wish to process your data for marketing purposes or to develop your profile at stamporama.gr. The statement can be sent to

Right to Delete / Withdraw Consent.

You can request your deletion of our file at any time by removing your subscription and deleting any